Mmmm…Who doesn’t like the sound (and smell) of breakfast for dinner?! Being the most important meal of the day, it’s probably best to eat it all day long! At Kihei Caffe, you can do eggs-actly that!

There are tons of Maui restaurants to choose from for breakfast, but hardly any as quintessentially “island flavor” as Kihei Caffee in Kihei Kalama Village. With menu items like Loco Moco, Papaya Delight and Pork Fried Rice, your opu is sure to be happy and full when you leave! If you already had breakfast and aren’t feeling it a second (or third) time in one day, give Kihei Caffe’s lunch items (equally delicious as their breakfast) a whirl!

Locals and tourists alike will agree, of all the Maui restaurants for breakfast, Kihei Caffe tops the charts! You really cannot go wrong with the yummy food at Kihei Caffe…Come on down to the Kihei Kalama Center and dig in to a scruptious, filling and affordable breakfast today (or tonight)!

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