Support local small businesses in South Maui!

South Maui is in dire shape right now. We encourage you to visit us and spread the word that Kihei and Wailea are OPEN!

“If we support Maui’s economy, and keep our people employed, they’ll heal faster and continue to be able to afford to live on Maui.” – Gov. Josh Green M.D.

Outside of West Maui ALL OTHER PLACES on Maui and all of Hawaii are safe and open to the public. Maui needs the support of visitors now more than ever. The narrative that Maui is closed is COMPLETELY FALSE and it has caused a massively debilitating wave of layoffs, furloughs, and closures.

“We are hurting and we are coping. We cannot support each other without jobs and our homes. We cannot rebuild without our economy. Do not stay away.”

We are OPEN FOR VISITORS and we WELCOME YOU. Please consider keeping your reservations to visit Maui in 2023. September, October, November, and December.

boat motors outside of beach resort area in hawaii

South Maui is Open

The Lahaina disaster area had more than 800 businesses with about 7,000 employees, with a daily total business revenue estimated at $2.7 million a day. (State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism)

“We are working with local communities on an opening plan that is strategic, timely, and sensitive to the concerns of the Lahaina wildfire survivors and businesses of West Maui,” said Governor Green. “In the meantime, all other areas of Maui and the rest of Hawai‘i are safe and open to visitors, and we continue to welcome and encourage respectful travel to our beautiful state, which will support our local economy and help speed the recovery of those who have already suffered so much.” – Gov. Josh Green M.D.

Many people are worried about what Maui’s economy will look like in the months leading up to Christmas – a traditionally popular time for vacationers.

Statewide visitor arrivals are expected to remain flat in September, October and November, before seeing growth again in December.

Beginning October 8th, one month from today, all travel restrictions will end to West Maui. This proclamation was made to encourage visitors to return and restart the economy.

Thank you again for supporting the survivors of this tragedy as they grieve, mourn and rebuild.


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