There are approximately (depends on who is counting and where you begin) 56 bridges and 617 curves on the road to Hana. That’s only scratching the surface of the breathtaking, amazing, beyond-beautiful adventure that is the road to Hana!
Whether you live on Maui or are just visiting, the trip to Hana can be likened to a pilgrimage and is worth every curve and narrow bridge! To gear up for the big day, it’s best to stock up on all the goodies and equipment you’ll need to make the trip a success and lots of fun! You can find snacks, towels, (reef-safe) sunscreen, hats, snorkels, floaties (for those unending waterfalls) and more all at the Maui shops of Kihei Kalama Village!
Once you’ve really committed to the road to Hana, the shops for food and other supplies can get pretty few and far between. Make a list and come stop by the Village to make sure you can check each item off all in one place!
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