Depending on the person, a myriad of things can pop into mind when you hear Maui. Beaches and warm water for the sun lovers…Unprecedented waves for the surfer…Whales, turtles and seals for the animal lovers…If you have keiki (or are a keiki at heart) one thing that probably crosses your mind immediately is Shave Ice! What could be better and a more appropriate, satiating snack on Maui than juicy, tropical flavored cool, refreshing ice?!

In Kihei Kalama Center,  Local Boys Shave Ice has got you covered for all your icy cravings! Not only can you indulge in the shop, Local Boys Shave Ice also provides wholesale syrups, ice blocks, blade sharpening and even caters and rents their trucks (hello wonderful keiki birthday party idea)!!!

Stop on by Kihei Kalama Center for wonderful Maui shopping, restaurants and, of course, the quintessential Shave Ice!

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